Website Augmentations Every Business Needs

In today’s world, your business needs a website that is top notch. Long gone are the days where a subpar web experience was tolerable. Even more than that, your ability to get information from your page and tweak it to get better results is more important than ever as everything moves online. Here is what you need to change on your website to stay competitive:


Site Search for Data Analytics

Google Analytics can provide some insight into why visitors are showing up on your site, but that information has to be inferred from the data. However, according to Object Rocket, tools now exist to use on-site search to gather analytical data about users and user behavior. By including a search form, you can gain data on what people are looking for in their exact words. This lets you craft your material to match exactly what your market wants. It also helps your SEO:


Off-Page SEO

In the search engines, the site that is most relevant to a user’s search typically wins. That is why your headline and meta descriptions for each page are so important. These elements of off-page SEO aren’t the only thing to include, however. You also need to get quality backlinks to your site from other major brands in your space. According to the SEMRush ranking factors study, a page’s backlink profile is the number 2 predictive SEO signal after on-site user behavior. Google will rank these links highly and it increases your likelihood of showing up near the top and getting those coveted clicks that could turn into conversions.


On-Page SEO

The only search ranking factor more important than your backlink profile is user behavior. Things like bounce rate can impact your page’s performance catastrophically. Pages need to be designed by an expert so that they will convert effectively. Be sure that your title and your first few paragraphs contain your keywords that you want to rank for. Also, don’t forget to use alt tags on your images which can boost your rankings as well.


UX Focus

Design your site with the user in mind. If you are navigating your site and find that it is clunky or annoying to use, the likelihood is that your users feels the same way. This can lead people to leaving your site for competitors. Augment your site’s user experience to ensure it adds, not takes away from, your business goals.



Ultimately, it is the copy that will sell your products and services. Don’t settle for having subpar copywriting on your site. Take another look at it and be sure it is elegantly offering your solution in a persuasive way.


If you don’t augment your website, you could fall behind in your market. Don’t risk losing profits and customers. Instead, make sure your website is pulling its own weight. If done right, you could get valuable insights and have a site that contributes better to your bottom line than ever before.

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